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Core Services We Offer

Our approach is to deliver core services which combine the knowledge, skills and experience of our technical and professional experts working side by side with our clients and allies/partners to help address our clients’ critical issues and needs and assist them determine the best choices in order to help them achieve their cherished goals, whatever those may be. No matter what electrical energy services, technical and business management support our clients require, we can be counted upon for the highest quality and professional standards and the ability to deliver our promises with utmost diligence. We give individual attention to every job, preparing optimal estimates to offer our clients value for money, emphasize quality assurance and maximize our strengths in beating deadlines.

Range of Services

We are capable of offering a truly diverse group of services most of which pertain to electricity distribution systems. These include the following: -

  • Design and construction of new LV, MV and HV lines,
  • Electrical Installation in commercial and industrial premises,
  • Inspection and certification of premises for safe delivery of electricity,
  • Demand Side Management, Customer Awareness campaigns
  • Power Audits, Credit control and management (debt collection).
  • Installation of new LV networks including Meter Installation,
  • Repairs and refurbishment of existing distribution networks,
  • Disconnection, service removal and reconnection of customers for non-payment,
  • Management Consultancy, tariff and other socio-economic studies,
  • Feasibility, Benchmarking and Performance Measurement Studies.
  • Management contracting, leases, & concessions for power systems,
  • Utility metering, meter reading, bill delivery and revenue collection.
  • Supply of seasoned wood poles for electricity distribution,

Targeted Market

Our main market has been the provision of our core services to the main electricity distribution company in Uganda, namely, UMEME Limited.Other government agencies, like the Uganda Electricity Distribution Company has also been our client. We have extended our services to the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) and to private electricity distributors, industries, businesses, private households and individuals within Uganda.


Our current Programme of Action (PA) is outlined below under the following headings. –

Power Audits
MACDIB COMPANY LTD is concerned about the current crisis in the energy sector of Uganda whereby there is a persistent shortage and unreliable power supply affecting many businesses. Lamenting and just keep waiting for some time to come will not help the solution. That is why we believe that our business proposal can make you have sufficient, quality, reliable, yet economical electricity in your offices, homes, plants (booster stations) and other gadgets even with the little supply in the distribution network.
Our approach to assist you attain this dream is simple, participatory and practical. It is a two-phase solution, as follows:

Phase 1: Carry out a thorough Energy Audit of your Company and giive practical recommendations for:

  1. Quick Wins, thus, immediate no-cost solutions with instant results;
  2. Medium-term solutions with minimal investments; and
  3. Longer-term solutions with reasonable capital investments.

Phase 2: Engage us to actually implement the Energy Audit recommendations in partnership with your own staff for sustainability of the solutions when we are gone!

We would like to partner with you and introduce Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation, with their attendant benefits, to your company. Through our approach, we assure you that you will have more electricity with the same generation capacity! We promise that with our solutions, you will be able to do more work with less energy!

Installation Inspection
With effect from January 2003, the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) mandated the UEDCL to undertake all installation inspection tasks prior to sanctioning new connections. Before that date, the Ministry of Works, Housing, Transport & Communication used to play that role. MACDIB COMPANY LIMITED believes these services are better done when outsourced to the private sector at a fee, and the company is well prepared to take on the challenges when offered the opportunity. We are in discussion with ERA to this effect.
Construction of distribution power lines (Systems Expansion Projects and Rural Electrification Programmes)
The erection of power lines, both underground and overhead constitute one of the main activities MACDIB COMPANY LTD is undertaking on a large scale. Under the Rural Electrification Programme undertaken by Uganda Electricity Distribution Company (UEDCL), MACDIB COMPANY Limited has been constructing a number of Power Lines
Rehabilitation & Maintenance of Existing Distribution Lines
UMEME Limited has an obligation under its Lease agreement to undertake rehabilitation and Maintenance work worth US$60 Million before 2012. MACDIB COMPANY LTD has positioned itself to be one of the key players in providing the necessary services to UMEME Ltd on contract basis and we have already been pre-qualified to participate in this giant programme
Sub-station and Transformer Maintenance
Substations and transformers form the major components of an electric power distribution network infrastructure. It therefore follows that the soundness of their conditions of service contributes considerably to the performance of the network. MACDIB COMPANY LTD is capable of undertaking the rehabilitation and Maintenance of 33-11 kV Sub-stations, 11 kV switching Stations, Booster Stations and Ring Main Units on site.
Line Clearance
In order to minimize energy losses and enhance safety, power utilities often carry out line clearing and pole weeding along their power lines. Since 1996 MACDIB COMPANY Limited has been executing Line Clearance contracts for Umeme Limited in Northern, Bunyoro-Kitara and Greater Kampala regions to the satisfaction of the client.
Disconnection and Reconnection of non-paying customers
Electric power utilities worldwide are moving towards the full segregation of the “wires” business from that of Customer care. MACDIB COMPANY Limited believes that the most efficient way to achieve this is to source the disconnection and reconnection of payment defaulters as an effective method of credit control.
To this end, MACDIB COMPANY LTD has a running contract with Umeme Limited for “Removing services from customers defaulting for over 60 days, disconnecting defaulting customers under 60 days and reconnecting customers who pay up their debts after a disconnection or service removal.”
Pre-payment Metering and Vending Solutions
MACDIB COMPANY Limited has been following the trends in utility credit management which is moving towards pre-payment metering and remote vending systems. We are prepared to work with reputable manufacturers and experts who offer prepayment systems to try out and execute such a system in Uganda.
Consultancy Services
MACDIB COMPANY LTD has built sufficient capacity to undertake various socio-economic and tariff studies in the electricity sub-sector, individually or in collaboration with other renowned companies. In 2006, one of the Consultants from MACDIB COMPANY LTD joined with K2 Consults and participated in the project to build the human and institutional capacity of the Rural Electrification Agency.
Customer Sensitization

Energy Efficiency and energy conservation are important aspects in the management of energy resources in modern times. Uganda’s energy sector is dominated by a high degree of dependence on imported petroleum products and the combustion of fuel wood and charcoal (non commercial fuels) constitutes the predominant energy source in micro and small enterprises (MSEs), accounting for 897,379 tones of oil equivalent (toe) in 2002 followed by petroleum products accounting for 106,658 toe. These energy sources have negative environmental impacts because of the large amounts of CO2 they emit into the atmosphere. MACDIB COMPANY LTD is in position to promote the efficient use of electricity in homes, industry and commerce by carrying out massive customer sensitization and educational outreach in order to

  • make them adopt energy efficient technologies;
  • practice conservation techniques and
  • substitute biomass and petroleum products with electricity without incurring more costs.

The rationale for this programme is to remove barriers to energy efficiency by building the human and institutional capacity to implement energy efficiency and energy conservation projects. These barriers include:
  1. lack of knowledge and experience in identifying
    energy efficiency opportunities;
  2. lack of information regarding the economic and environmental viability of energy efficiency measures;
  3. lack of personnel to carry out energy efficiency in industry and commerce;
  4. lack of ability to secure financing for energy efficiency projects;
  5. lack of institutional capacity to mainstream energy efficiency within the MSEs and financial communities.

Commercial and industrial customers will be required to pay for the services rendered
by MACDIB COMPANY LTD from a portion of the savings they will derive from reduced monthly electricity bills.