About Us

MACDIB COMPANY LTD is a private limited liability company incorporated in Uganda under the Companies Act (cap 85) on 27th February 2009 to offer privately hired services in the energy and agro-forestry sub-sectors. These services include, among others:-

  • Power line construction and maintenance,
  • Industrial electrical installation,
  • Domestic/Household electrical Installation/wiring
  • Energy efficiency management,
  • Utility credit control and management,
  • Operation of electricity distribution systems, and
  • Purchase and sale of agricultural and forestry products.

The company came into existence as a result of the Uganda government’s policy of promoting private-sector-led growth which inspired us to put together a team of experts with wide experience in the business of running power and electricity distribution systems. The agro-forestry bit was added after realizing that there is high demand for wood poles for electricity distribution.